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Points to Consider When Adopting a Dog

Dr. Rochelle Campbell 

Adding a new dog to the family can be an exciting experience but it is always good to think about a few things before bringing your new pet home. First, consider what type of home you have. Do not choose a larger dog, such as a Great Dane mix, if you live in a small apartment. Pick a dog that is compatible with the amount of space you have available. 

Another thing to consider is what type of lifestyle you lead. If you are a very active person that likes to do a lot of outdoor activities, then a border collie mix or another high energy type of dog may be for you. On the other hand, if you are fairly inactive, a toy mix may be better suited for you. 

If you have children, it is better to pick a family-friendly dog and also maybe one that is not geriatric, as they tend to be less active in general. With regard to senior dogs, also keep in mind that you may need to visit the veterinary office more often because often older dogs, like older people, tend to have more medical issues. Having said that, older dogs can provide a lot of happiness and love to the right family. 

Puppies will need a lot of attention and time. Sometimes adopting a dog that is a little older may be a little easier, as they may already have mastered basic training skills such as potty training and crate training. 

Speaking of training, it is not possible the majority of the time to know the previous history of the dog you are adopting. Therefore you may want to attend basic training classes in general to ensure your dog has the best manners possible. 

Adopting a dog can be a great and rewarding experience, especially if you do your homework beforehand!