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Effective Weight Loss in Pets

By Geoffrey Gardner, DVM

We previously wrote about how to identify if your pet is overweight, and the toll this condition can take on their overall health.  The reasons for the obesity problem can be traced to excess caloric intake and limited exercise. 

The most effective way to reduce your pet’s weight is to review the things you feed your pet daily.  This includes any cookies, table food, and the total amount of dry food (and wet) .  Even a few extra calories fed each day can add up to excess weight and to failure for a reducing diet.  One of the problems we have when feeding our pets, is we forget to give the food necessary for weight loss to occur. In other words, if your pet currently weighs 30 pounds, but their ideal weight if 22 pounds, you need to feed for the smaller pet “hiding” inside the obese pet!  This means feeding, on average, 15 % less calories! 

The key to finding a proper food is to find one that presents a lower fat content, higher fiber, while still maintaining good nutrition with optimal levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  It is possible to provide a home cooked variety to your pet that meets all these goals, however, it is much more challenging.  Like small children, our pets will often pick out their favorite bites from such offerings, and make a balanced diet more difficult.   

One of the best foods available is a diet that is for weight reduction and, when the goal is reached, also for weight maintenance.  It is able to allow your pet to reduce body weight by 13 % in just two months, all while feeling satisfied on the quantity provided.  This food provides appetite regulation, reduces inflammation and improves energy metabolism.  It is high in carnitine and lysine which help metabolize fat for energy production while sparing lean muscle mass.  This food is Metabolic Diet by Hills Pet Foods, and can be obtained by calling or visiting your local veterinarian.